Tapio And Marjaana

the amazing adventures of Mr Normall

on meeting, greeting and photographing, well, some very special people

Mr Normall and TMDR

Marjaana captures Tapio (A.K.A. "Mr Normall") with Thomas Dolby in 2008

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Below is just a selection of the people and bands that have had fantastic photos taken with Tapio over the years.
Sparks - London 2006
John Foxx and Louis Gordon - London 2006
B.E.F. and others at Billy MacKenzie tribute concert - London 2007
Marc Almond's 50th birthday celebration concert - London 2007
Steve Jansen - Stockholm 2007
John Foxx and Louis Gordon - Metamatic - London 2007
Thomas Dolby - London 2007
Sparks - Helsinki 2008
Steel City Tour: Heaven 17, ABC and The Human League - London 2008
Ultravox - London 2009
Peter Murphy - Milano 2009
Marc Almond - London 2009
Martin Degville's Sigue Sigue Sputnik - London 2009

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