Here's a fairly eclectic selection of stuff - music, art, links to resources and things that interest me an may be useful to the average folk out there. I'm "into" music from the 80's (not exclusively of course) and am trying to share some of my passion for that - and more modern material - however, I'm also someone who enjoys technology and the new freedoms it's bringing to us, I'm aware that it's not as user friendly as it might be so I've included what I consider helpful links for those in trouble!

I've met some wonderful people these last few years, some of whom have given permission to link to their sites for which I'm very extremely grateful. There are some click through links to sites to try and make this site self funding, these should be marked as "aff links" (as in affliate) so you are aware.

This site is even more of a "work-in-progress" than most as there are elements in here that are absolutely temporary!

Lastly, I hope you enjoy - or find something useful on - this site. I'd be delighted to add more links to anything of mutual interest.......